Frisco Village’s Guide to Healthy Living in Frisco for the New Year

Our charming and community-oriented Frisco Village welcomes you to its remodeled center for shopping in Frisco, Texas. Take a stroll and see for yourself how you can benefit from fresh, local products and the range of services we provide. Here are the best ways to practice healthy living in Frisco at Frisco Village:

Tom Thumb Makes Shopping Easy

Tom Thumb is your one-stop grocery store, gas, bank and pharmacy that’s just a short walk away for the residents of Frisco with a convenience that saves both time and stress for healthy living in Frisco. Not just that, it offers home delivery and pick up service all year. Need organic, vegan, gluten-free healthy snacks or other specialty items? No problem — just order online and have them shipped right to your home or business. Hosting a party? Order a few party platters for your event.

HOTWORX for the Best Results

Looking to shape up before the New Year? Head to HOTWORX to get working on those muscles and body at this round-the-clock infrared fitness studio. Hot yoga, hot Pilates, hot barre, anything hot is yours to choose from. so come in and try it out.

Modoma Massage & Wellness: Health and Wellness with a Difference

A concept in healthcare that goes beyond the ordinary, Modoma’s approach is a 3-tiered one that helps you discover, integrate, and optimize your health. It is based not merely on treating the symptoms but identifying the causes that underlie your problems. Both medical and non-medical options are explored and offered. Massage therapy and remedies for aches and pains the natural way is their way to heal you, from inside out.

You see, healthy living in Frisco shouldn’t be difficult to arrive at. That is our way to show you we care. From shopping in Frisco to healthy snacks, wholesome meals, and health and fitness, we extend our services and facilities to you. Want to learn more about healthy living in Frisco? Check out our directory today! 

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